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Developmental Editing

Help with thinking through your ideas and direction in the early stages of your project, whether it be analytical or narrative in nature.

Substantive / Structural Editing

Help with organizational issues and decisions; feedback on clarity of content and effectiveness of structure.

Stylistic Editing

Help with voice, tone, and clarity through attention to word choice and sentence structure. 


Help with mechanics (such as grammar and punctuation); consistency, completeness, and correctness of body text, footnotes, bibliographies, tables, and figures.


Creating an index or key to the contents of your finished monograph.


Review of final proofs for minor, mechanical errors and consistency with style sheet.


I am an award-winning editor who brings to my work a sharp eye, a keen ear, a deep respect for the author’s vision and the audience’s needs, and a proven ability to work effectively with other stake-holders in order to produce a publication that honours both author and audience with prose that is at once clear, precise, and engaging. 

  • My clients include publishers, authors who have publishing contracts, authors who seek assistance with preparing a publishable manuscript, and authors who seek assistance with developing their craft as writers. 

  • I am experienced working with the conventions of Canadian, British, and American English.

  • I particularly enjoy working with authors and publishers of scholarly monographs (humanities, social studies, law), poetry, fiction, books for young people, educational resources, and graduate research.

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past projects (selected)

Permanent State of Emergency: Unchecked Executive Power and the Demise of Rule of Law, by Ryan Alford (McGill-Queens UP, 2017): indexing

Home and Away: The Place of the Child Writer (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016), a collection of essays: ed. and Introduction by David Owen and Lesley Peterson: developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing

Street Sex Work and Canadian Cities: Resisting a Dangerous Order, by Shawna Ferris
(U of Alberta P, 2016):

The Little Third Reich on Lake Superior: A History of Canadian Internment Camp R, by Ernest Zimmermann, ed. Michel S. Beaulieu and David K. Ratz (U of Alberta P, 2016): structural editing, stylistic editing, copyediting

The Journal of Juvenilia Studies (peer-reviewed open-access scholarly journal): founding editor

Seven Absolute Rights, by Ryan Alford (McGill-Queen's UP, 2020): developmental editing,
copy editing, indexing.

Feminist Acts: Branching Out Magazine and the Making of Canadian Feminism, by Tessa Jordan
(U of Alberta P, 2019): copyediting

Anarchists in the Academy: Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry, by Dani Spinosa

(U of Alberta P, 2018): copyediting

Siha Tooskin Knows Series, by Charlene Bearhead and Wilson Bearhead (Portage & Main Press, 2020): copyediting, proofreading

Grand Conversations, Thoughtful Responses: A Unique Approach to Literature Circles, 2nd. ed., by Faye Brownlie (Portage & Main Press, 2019): copyediting, proofreading

What We Are When We Are: Kaj smo, ko smo, by Cvetka Lipuš, translated by Tom Priestly (Athabasca UP, 2018): copyediting



Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence,
Editors Association of Canada

English department nomination for
Research Excellence Award,
University of North Alabama

College of Arts and Sciences Research Grant,
University of North Alabama

Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship,
University of Alberta

Province of Alberta Graduate Fellowship,
University of Alberta

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Writer’s Grant,
Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence,
Office of the Prime Minister of Canada



“Dr. Peterson played an active role in the development of my MA thesis from conception during the first study abroad program to completion almost two years later. Several of the writing tips she gave me during this period continued to guide me through my PhD dissertation, and I would not be the scholar I am
today without her support.”

Kerrie Holloway, PhD
(Queen Mary University of London)

Senior Research Officer
Overseas Development Institute, London, U.K.

"You can't imagine the peace of mind and creative freedom that comes from working with an editor with Lesley's perception, style, and literary sensibility.  Thanks to this safety net, I feel confident in approaching new heights."

Dr. Ryan Alford
Associate Professor,
Bora Laskin Faculty of Law

Lakehead University

Author of Permanent State of Emergency (McGill-Queen's UP, 2017)

“Lesley Peterson worked effectively and efficiently as an editor on all technical fronts as she negotiated into print this important work … accomplishments that go far beyond the usual expectations for even the best editors.”

2016 Tom Fairley Award
(Editors Canada)

"To Lesley Peterson, my brilliant copyeditor, who saw my words and, with more care and attention than I could ever have hoped, helped me take these words where I wanted them to go; working with you has been the highlight of the publishing process."

Tessa Jordan
Feminist Acts, p.xv

"I would also like to express my deep gratitude to Lesley Peterson, whose careful, creative, and political editing has made this a much better book." 

Dani Spinosa
Anarchists in the Academy: Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry, p.x

"Besides a great editor, you're a great teacher."

Nuo Yang


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